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Three benefits to listening to music via songs in a playlist in Spotify 

As a musician, it always sparks joy to see that a listener in Spotify has added one (or more) of my songs to a playlist they are curating. It is helpful to other potential listeners as they seek music to collect for their own Spotify libraries and playlists.

Listening to music in a playlist is a great way to enjoy music without having to take additional action after initially clicking the play button!

Here are a few other perks to listening to music via a playlist in Spotify:

  • you can collect songs in a group…
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Mourning Dove playlisted in Spotify in "Cozy Christmas Vibes 2022" 

Mourning Dove is the opening track of the album, Another Universe. My co-writers are Scott Greeson and <strong>Michael Kelsey</strong>.

It was both an exciting and humbling moment to see the song appear in this playlist in Spotify, <strong>Cozy Christmas Vibes 2022</strong>.

By adding the song, the curator of this playlist, Low-fi club, with over 18,700 followers of the list, has opened the door to the song being heard around the world. Mourning Dove is in the list with songs by Ed Sheeran, Adele, John…

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