Songwriter takes you behind the scenes of Extra Steps (Donkey Christmas Song) which releases on Dec. 8, 2023

Songwriter and recording artist, Vickie Maris, based in Indiana, wrote Extra Steps (Donkey Christmas Song) when she was asked to provide music for an event at Christmas Eve.

While out in the barn doing the chores on her Connemara pony farm on a snowy day, she got inspired to write a song that would narrate how Joseph might have interacted with the donkey who provided a ride to Mary on the journey to Bethlehem. 

While it isn't known whether a donkey was a part of the scene or not, she used artistic license to paint the story of how those who partner with an equine, are often recipients of their willingness to go the extra mile for their human friends.

In her writing and performing of Extra Steps, Vickie ponders the willing, loving attitude of one of her Connemara ponies. 

You hear this perspective in the lyrics of the song as Joseph speaks encouraging words to his four-legged friend. As Vickie imagined the scene, she came to believe that the donkey had already completed a day's work when asked to make the trip to Bethlehem with Mary on board. 

Vickie has performed this song on many occasions as a soloist with her acoustic guitar, and also plays it with her band. In the studio, she and her recording engineer, Michael Kelsey, crafted Extra Steps into a mid-tempo, acoustic Christmas song. It nestles sweetly in a holiday playlist. 

Extra Steps cuts across genres from folk to country to soft pop. Michael Kelsey played most of the instruments in the recording, while Vickie added her piano accordion. 

The accompanying videos in YouTube and the 8-second Canvas video associated with the song in Spotify, will include a couple of sweet donkeys Vickie has met - Poncho and Speedo. The latter of whom resides with one of Vickie's childhood friends who owns and operates Woodhaven Rescue in Lafayette, Indiana.

Extra Steps (Donkey Christmas Song) releases on Dec. 8, 2023.

To show support of an independent artist who is releasing a new song or album, it is great to visit Spotify and stream their songs (a stop by their YouTube channel is also helpful). 

If you're not familiar with action steps to take in Spotify to show support of an artist, here is an easy sequence to follow … 

  • 1) Set up an account in Spotify if you don't yet have an account (it works great to create a free account if Spotify isn't your main music-listening platform)
  • 2) search on the artist name, Vickie Maris, and "follow" the artist account (confirm that you see "artist" next to the name as there is also a "user" account for Vickie Maris
  • 3) search on the song title, Extra Steps (Donkey Christmas Song) and click a "save" which is the "heart" emoji near a song in Spotify
  • 4) click the play button to stream the song.

Note: If you are on a free Spotify account, the platform might play another artist's song first and then will roll to the song, Extra Steps, in the cue. 

This next step is a great way to show your support, and it also allows you to listen to exactly the songs you've chosen as your favorites: 

  • 5) Create your own playlist in your Spotify account and search on the songs that you want to add to your playlist. Include "Extra Steps" in your playlist. If you already have a playlist of Christmas music, you could add Extra Steps to your existing playlist. If you would like to listen to one of Vickie's playlists that includes Extra Steps at the top of the list (song will be added on release day), then listen to: Cozy Vibes for Christmas.

 Thank you!

PS: Vickie is releasing several new songs in 2024. By following her account in Spotify (and subscribing to her channel in YouTube), you'll see notifications under the notification bell in your user account, each time one of her new songs is released.

Here's a YouTube short that provides a sneak peek into Extra Steps (Donkey Christmas Song).

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