Mourning Dove playlisted in Spotify in "Cozy Christmas Vibes 2022"

Collage Vickie Maris Michael Kelsey Scott Greeson - Mourning Dove - in playlist in SpotfyMourning Dove is the opening track of the album, Another Universe. My co-writers are Scott Greeson and <strong>Michael Kelsey</strong>.

It was both an exciting and humbling moment to see the song appear in this playlist in Spotify, <strong>Cozy Christmas Vibes 2022</strong>.

By adding the song, the curator of this playlist, Low-fi club, with over 18,700 followers of the list, has opened the door to the song being heard around the world. Mourning Dove is in the list with songs by Ed Sheeran, Adele, John Mayer, and many other talented artists.

The first 30 countries where the song is being listened to the most are in Europe and the UK. The first US city to appear in the top is West Lafayette at #30. See the link below to enjoy the songs in this playlist. 

<strong>Cozy Christmas Vibes 2022</strong>

If you’d like to go right to Mourning Dove or my other songs, you can do a search on my name in Spotify (or the album name, or individual song titles).

This link will take you directly to my <strong>Vickie Maris artist profile in Spotify</strong>.

Thank you in advance for clicking the follow button when you visit my artist account and for checking out the music.

Note: All of these actions are possible in either the free or subscriber version of Spotify (from desktop or mobile device). 

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